Jeff Wyler Body & Collision Center begins an inspection of the vehicle by an estimator. The inspection is documented, photos taken and the information is input into the computer estimator system that provides a detailed estimate on the repairs and passed on to the insurance company. After an estimate has been written, the insurance company and vehicle owner approves and authorizes our estimate.

Parts and Teardown
The estimate is given to the technician that will be working on the vehicle. The damaged parts are removed and a list is prepared that details all hidden damage found at this time. After the owner and insurance provider authorize the repairs, parts can be ordered as required for the repair. Once all necessary parts for the repair process are received, work can begin on the vehicle.

Structure and Body Repair
The vehicle is analyzed by an electronic measuring system to restore it back to factory specifications. This insures that the car frame is straight and structurally sound. Suspension repairs and wheel alignment will now be done if needed. Once the vehicle is structurally and mechanically sound the body work can now be completed and prepared for paint.

The vehicle is carefully prepped through a very thorough preparation process to provide proper adhesion and a smooth finish. Parts are sanded then primer is applied, now the color or base coat is applied, followed by a clear coat to protect the finish. After curing, the painted surfaces will be polished as needed to match the factory glossy finish.

Now that the repairs and painting have been completed the vehicle is ready to be reassembled. Trim and moldings are reinstalled and a test drive will be done at this point to ensure everything is operating correctly.

The vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

Final Inspection
Every vehicle that is repaired is checked closely to ensure that all work was properly completed. If anything is found not operating correctly it is repaired at this time. Now the customer is notified that there vehicle is ready for pick up. Our body shop will explain all repair work that was done to the vehicle and go over the list with the customer including an itemized list of all repairs and parts used to complete the work. After the customer signs off on all repairs, their keys are handed over.
Right to choose Facility Law
As the owner of a motor vehicle involved in an accident or submitting an insurance claim, you have the right to choose the shop where you wish to have your vehicle repaired. Your insurance company cannot dictate that you have your vehicle repaired at one of their preferred facilities.

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